Beginner's Modern Brush Lettering Workbook


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      Learn from Shelly Kim of Letters By Shells

      Start your Brush Lettering journey today with Shelly’s Ultimate Guide to Modern Brush Lettering Workbook. This workbook is perfect for beginners who have been wanting to get starting with brush lettering, but not sure where to start! 

This lettering workbook is an interactive and comprehensive workbook filled with lettering drills + basics, recommended tools, techniques, methods of connecting letters, exploring bouncy lettering + other lettering styles, practice sheets (breakdown of both uppercase + lowercase letters) and lettering compositions + templates. This workbook has a total of 144 pages divided into 12 sections and is 8.5” x 11” in size.

      Workbook Overview:
      The workbook introduces and includes step-by-step examples of the following:
      - Understanding the tools to get started
      - Common practice drills + practice sheets of the lettering drills
      - Connecting Letters + exploring common “difficult” connections
      - Techniques on how to achieve bouncy lettering
      - Exploring other styles (simple, bouncy, loose, etc.)
      - Exploring compositions and other typography styles
      - Multiple lettering templates and DIY project ideas

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Kirsten Rutherford
Love it!

Absolutely loving the workbook!