Unique Handmade Cosmetic Bag in a Modern Cat Print (Orange)

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This cat bag is perfect for that crazy cat lady in your life.  It's just the right amount of cat to be like "hey, i'm crazy, but I'm not like weird-crazy"

Item: Unique Handmade Gifts for Her- Lined Makeup / Travel / Cosmetic Bag - modern cat print (orange)

A Medium-Large makeup bag / travel / cosmetic bag made with an adorable cotton textile on the outside. 

This cosmetics bag is fully lined for easy cleaning, wiping, and washing!. It's looks small, but this bag can fit a lot of makeup! It's tapered opening allows for large brushes and palettes to fit at the bottom, but not boxy where it takes up a lot of room in a purse.

Great for everyday use, but also great for travel. The prints always get people's attention!

Rough Dimensions:
-8" long (7.5" opening)
-3.5" wide
-5" deep