Angie's Road Trip Spotify Playlist

Angie's Road Trip Spotify Playlist

Angie's Road Trip Spotify Playlist

There are a lot of things one must do before hitting the road for a road trip. Check your tires, double check routes and reservations for accommodations, stock up on essential road trip snacks. One item often forgotten is creating the perfect road trip playlist. When traveling, I like to listen to the same songs and albums on repeat. This way, when I hear a song at a later date, it reminds me of specific trips or places I've visited. With that said, music curation for a road trip is a responsibility I don't take lightly. This year's road adventures were no different.

By June 1st I logged a ton of road trip miles for 2019. What made this year of travel particularly unique was that so much of it was just me and my co-pilot Harriet while towing my trailer, the #WIENERbago. Usually, I travel with my husband. He makes for wonderful conversation, and well, he's pretty darn easy on the eyes. But with my super hectic schedule of live events and conferences, his work schedule didn't allow for him to join me.

angie of bobo design studio in the Bonneville Salt Flats sharing her road trip playlist.
Harriet the Ween on a road trip with angie of bobo design studio

This meant learning to park my trailer by myself, learning to drive stretches of road towing my home by myself and learning to hook up and set up my #WIENERbago at the RV site without the assistance from my husband. But most of all, belting out all my favorite tunes on repeat for up to 7 straight hours, you guessed it... all by myself.

I wanted to share some of my go-to tunes that were on repeat these last few trips. These are not in any specific order, nor are these all the songs. I will most likely continue to add to this list, but for now, I hope these get your car karaoke juices going like they did mine. Drop a comment below of what some of your favorite road trip tunes are that aren't on this list!


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