Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Items may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of shipment date only upon approval via email. Inquire about return requests at: info@bobodesignstudio.com

Please note that all returns sent without pre-approval will not be refunded.

Items that are used upon receiving may not be returned for a full refund and be subject to a restocking or sampling fee.

For exchanges, we may require you to purchase a new item and will refund the original item and additional shipping costs upon return. If you have questions, please email us at info@bobodesignstudio.com



When do items ship?

Items that are in-stock will ship within two-four days of purchase

Do you ship internationally? International shipping is available to select countries. We do not cover the cost of VAT or additional custom fees upon arrival

My order was marked as Delivered, but I don't have it. What do I do?
If your package is marked DELIVERED, but you do not have it, please contact your local post office. USPS can contact the actual delivery person for that day. We are seeing more instances of items being marked as delivered but arriving the next day. 

We cannot be held responsible for packages once your tracking shows the package has been delivered but you can file a claim with USPS directly.

What if my package is lost or stolen?
are not responsible for items once an item is marked as delivered, and won't be able to reship any goods marked as delivered. This includes theft.  We recommend purchasing Route with your checkout as an added insurance. Learn more about package protection from Route: https://shoppers.help.route.com/hc/en-us/articles/6017831679511-Route-Package-Protection-Policies



Can I use these travel journals for International travel or just in the US?

The great thing about our journals is that they are travel and destination-agnostic! There is a US map in the front and an area to track international travel, but in no way is it designed for the US only. The map trackers are there for you to jot down where you’ve been, but really the focus of the book isn't where you go; it’s what you do at the places you’ve been. We want folks to celebrate their adventures and not feel like they’ll never cross off every country or state in their lifetime.

What pens work best in the Wanderlust Passport? Our pages are made of 110GSM weight paper, so they can handle a lot! We don’t recommend permanent or alcohol-based inks as they can lead to bleed-through. We also do not recommend watercolor or painting directly into the book. We use all the pens we carry in our shop in our journals. Tombow is our favorite, and we carry a wide selection of them in our shop to go with your Passport!

How many pages are in the Wanderlust Passport?

Our travel journals are 110 pages in total, but you get 40 entry pages for documenting your adventures. Depending on the type of travel you do, you can fit several adventures in one book or one giant trip! In addition to that, there is a trip log, a US state tracker, a World Map/International tracker, a trip wishlist, and a couple of extra pages in the back for notes. It also comes with two sheets of stickers in the back pocket!

Can I use the Wanderlust Passport if I’m not artistic?

Yes! Many of the books you see in our Instagram feed and online have doodles and illustrations, but this journal is completely customizable. If you are a writer, a doodler, a scrapbooker, or just a photo taker, this journal is perfect for you! And trust me, future, you won’t even care if your penmanship sucks or if you aren't the best artist- you’ll just be so thrilled you took a few minutes to document the memorable adventures you've experienced.

Is the Wanderlust Passport guided with writing prompts?

Guided journals are great; however, our approach focuses less on the question-and-answer format and more on giving people the creative space and structure to document their adventures and experiences. From personal experience and from lots of failed “travel journal” purchases, many prompted journals asked questions that never applied to the kind of travel I was doing. And I left sections blank, making me feel like I wasn’t “traveling properly” because I was unable to answer the questions. So I focused on creating a journal that celebrates what you've done and feels less like a survey.

What is the cover made of?

Our Wanderlust Passport is designed with travelers in mind. The cover is made of an all-weather vegan suede-like cover with a luxe matte finish. They come in 4 colors and are perfect as is or for decorating and personalizing with stickers from all the destinations you’ve visited. It also comes with an elastic band to keep it all together. Not quite a hardcover or soft cover, this journal is perfect for throwing into your backpack or carry-on to take on your adventures, and it has a lay flat design so you can easily fill it out anywhere.

Where are the journals printed? Where are the journals and other components manufactured?

Our journals are designed in California in our Palm Springs studio, but we use a trusted manufacturing partner in China.



I see you have a store in Palm Springs. Can I purchase those items online?

Yes! We carry almost every item in our retail store online, with a few small exceptions to a handful of products. But many of the makers, artisans, pens, and Japanese goods we carry in our store you can find and order online!

Where is your retail store, and what are your retail store hours?

You can find us at 750 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, CA, inside the Flannery Exchange Building next to Cafe La Jefa. Our store has seasonal hours, so we always recommend checking Google,but during our high season (October-May, we are seven days a week, 9-4 Mon-Wed, and Thursday-Sunday)