Seek inspiration- a photo of angie chua of bobo design studio in joshua tree


When I hit my early 30's I made a conscious decision to spend less of my disposable income on stuff, and more of my income on experiences.  Travel became an integral part of how I chose to enrich my life.

I’m Angie Chua and I’m the owner and the creative heart and soul behind bobo design studio. At bobo design studio, we create travel and wanderlust inspired travel journals, stationery and travel accessories that encourage and enable you to explore the world around you.  

Our designs and products are inspired by the places we’ve been, the destinations we dream of, and the folks in our lives just crazy enough to join us for the ride.

We promote investing in new experiences over "buying stuff" and we create thoughtfully designed goods that excite, promote nostalgia, and connect you to the feelings and the freedom of being outdoors and trying new activities. 

 Come, join us! There are so many adventures we have yet to experience. 

You can visit us in Palm Springs, CA at our flagship stationery shop, bobo Palm Springs where we carry all our bobo items, as well as a curated selection of artisan stationery goods from women-of-color-owned brands, queer-owned brands, our favorite writing tools, and rare goods from Japan!

bobo design studio is an Asian American, woman-owned brand that supports diversity and equality for BIPOC individuals.


Angie Chua
owner and founder at bobo design studio and bobo palm springs

angie chua founder of bobo design studio and bobo palm springs