bobo Posse Spotlight- Kat from Nomad West

bobo Posse Spotlight- Kat from Nomad West

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I love me a down ass chick. What is a down ass chick you ask? That’s a woman who is cool, edgy, knows who she is, is unapologetic about it, has a great sense of style and has a great sense of humor.

One of my favorite down ass chicks comes from sunny San Diego.
Let me introduce you to Kat Brackett of Nomad West.

kat of nomad west

Nomad West is a California born and bred company making some of the dopest California inspired jewelry around. I have so many items from her and I treasure all of them. Her style is undeniable. When you come across one of her pieces in a boutique, you KNOW it’s from Nomad West. And now she’s working on an apparel line which I can’t fucking wait for.  

My all time favorite pieces are this Bridgette Necklace and the Selene Necklace that I wore to my brother’s wedding. I also have her baseball cap, which my husband stole from me approximately 3 min after I acquired it.

On top of being one of my all time favorite makers, she’s also an incredible human being. Struggling with depression and anxiety herself, she’s made it a priority bring awareness to mental illness. Proceeds of her online sales goes towards National Alliance for Mental Illness- California Chapter (NAMICA).  


kat of nomad west

So be sure to check out her collection on her site (and support a great cause) or find her in a number of boutiques on the west coast and beyond!

If you are in the Vegas area in Feb, try and catch her at
the Pooltradeshow  
Feb 12-14!

Okay, now onto rapid fire!

kat bracket nomad west rapid fire

Hugs and High Fives!

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