New Product Alert- bobo California Tote

New Product Alert- bobo California Tote


When I first started bobo in 2008 I was sitting in a dark room sewing make up bags. For a long time I thought that's what I did. I made makeup bags and bobo was a bag company. As my brand grew and evolved, I discovered I wasn't a "bag" company... I barely knew how to sew anything other than a bag. I wasn't a master seamstress. I was a self taught intermediate sewer at best.

What I learned was that I loved creating, whether that is a new style of tote , a new shirt design, a new sticker, or a large chalkboard for another company.... It was something that came from me. My art told a story. And the products I created helped others tell their own story. While I still love sewing, and making gorgeous designer bags still has a place in bobo, I also want to create items that people find functional and still have that flare that is undeniably authentic. Unmistakenly me.


I just launched my first screen-printed line of totes that feature my artwork front and center. My lettering is the part of me that I love sharing with the world. It is the part of me that my #boboposse loves to see the most of. I'm so thrilled to be debuting these new bags with you!

This design is screen printed onto a mid-weight, all natural canvas, and paired with soft cotton webbing that is strong and durable. Its the perfect size for running errands, or taking on a weekend getaway. And of course, it can hold a shit load of burritos, which is my main metric of measurment.

Grab yours today!


Hugs and High Fives!

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