How to be a Better Tourist

How to be a Better Tourist

How to Be a Better Tourist

Summer travel season is upon us. Whether you are going on a road trip to a national park, flying overseas to a gorgeous and remote island resort, or doing an extreme adventure like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, it's hard to ignore the impact that travel has had on some of the worlds most beautiful destinations, both remote and not. As a traveler myself, and as someone who is slowly moving into a more minimalist lifestyle (albeit still far from it) I have spent more time considering the impact of travel and how I can be a better tourist.

Image of a VW van in the southwest. Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash


I initially started writing this blog post to encompass all the things that would make one a better tourist. And as I began to get my ideas from pen to paper, I realized that this topic is a behemoth. What makes it unique is that not only are there lots of different ways, one can be a better tourist, but there are lots of different opinions on the topic. I don't want to gloss over or presume any judgment on how people travel. If someone wants to splurge on a luxury cruise, that does not make them a "bad person" for not visiting in more humble accommodations, nor does that make them a better person because they can afford a luxury experience. I genuinely feel that there is no wrong way to travel. Responsible travel does not sit solely on the individual (even though there are a lot of jerks out there, we aren't going to highlight them specifically), but it's about a more significant discussion on the travel industry as a whole.

With that said, I have decided to write it in a series with each post covering one specific topic. A few areas of discussion that I wanted to talk about are as follows:

Investing in local economies
When I talk about supporting local economies, I'm talking about traveling in a way that avoids a lot of major international hotels, chains, cruises, touring companies, and so forth.  
Leave no trace- aka Don't be a Dick.
    What does this mean and what can we do to better prepare for it.
    Impact of over-crowded sites and the Instagram effect
Superficial travel reasons
    Learn from me, not Look at Me
Negative call-out-culture.
    The growing culture of publicly shaming people
bobo design studio how to be a better tourist blog. Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

I Want To Hear From You


What ideas and recommendations do you have for being a better tourist or traveler? Do you have a crazy story of something you've seen? Do you have a suggestion for resources, places to go, or experiences you have done that you think are worth sharing? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let's have a discussion!

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