I want to take a moment to reflect on what I’ve been working on for the business. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m trying to improve bobo for all of you- all the people who have supported me, all the people who follow me on social media, and even for those who I’ve not yet met. I want to make cool shit for YOU!

I’ve done a lot of soul searching. bobo design studio is more than just a place for people to wander in and find "stuff." It’s more than just bags, cute knick knacks, or artwork. At bobo design studio, creating and designing isn’t just a hobby, it is the heart, soul, and life of my entire being. As the owner and founder, it’s taken me a really long time to see this. I put so much value and worth into making “things” that I lost track of the essence of why I made them, and what value they carried, not just for me, but for you, my customers, my MVP’s, and my bobo Posse.

This manifesto brings it all back. It is the center and essence of unapologetically embracing who we are, who we want to be, who and what inspires us, where we came from, and where we want to go. The products in the pipeline for the coming year are a celebration of the cool shit I want to do, and things bobo believes in.  

I hope it lights a fire in your ass like it does in me.  

If this inspires you, join our bobo Posse!

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