Angie Chua: Future CEO for Michelob Ultra!

I’m Angie, and I’m a full-time artist and outdoor enthusiast. I’ve hiked the waterfalls of Iceland, scuba dived with exotic fish in Fiji, climbed to the top of Africa’s Kilimanjaro, and was proposed to by husband in the dead of winter while camping in Joshua Tree for a week of dark-sky astrophotography. 
One of my biggest drives and missions is to enable and encourage people to explore the world around them. Whether that is somewhere far away or a staycation in their home town, I strongly feel that we learn more about ourselves when we take the time to learn about other cultures and live outside of our comfort zone. 
As an Asian American female, there are often not enough people of color who are actively represented in the outdoor and adventure industry. As a result, I think I would be a great face as CEO. Not just for the representation of BIPOC outdoor leaders, but as an artist who creates works that encourage people to visit and experience new places. 
Some fun facts about me:
  • I wanted to be a comedian for a long time, so arguably, my friends and IG followers would say I’m funny and create entertaining content.
  • I take an obscene amount of photos. I’m THAT person. Video too. And frankly, I need an excuse to continue hoarding outdoor photos because my husband always gives me shit about taking too many pictures. This application is basically a cry for help and validation of my photo hoarding.
  • I am comfortable living on the road. I’ve traveled solo with my little RV that I’ve dubbed the #WIENERbago (I travel with my wiener dogs) My dog @harriettheween would also be sharing her experiences on the road as she has an active following and goes pretty much everywhere with me.
  • I’ve also done the RV/vanlife with my husband… (translation) I’m capable of backing into an RV or campsite without help and without screaming “PIVOT” or other obscenities at him.  
  • As an artist, I like to create illustrations and lettering leveraging my photography and experiences. That means that the content you get from me would live in lots of different forms, which means extended life for the content! You can see those in my portfolio link
All in all, you will get lots of incredible applications. I assume many of them will be from unsurprisingly beautiful, insanely polished, modeling ready, extreme athletes with “healthy BMI’s”, and perfectly sepia-toned portfolios of photos from professional influencers. But if you are looking for something more authentic (chubby), unique (Asian), engaging (WIENERDOGS), and creative (oh hai, I’m an artist!), then look no further! I am ready to roll, and I’d love to joy ride with you all