Wanderlust Passport- A Travel Journal


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      Chronicle your adventures in a meaningful way with the bobo design studio Wanderlust Passport.  

      This passport is designed to help you journal and keep track of the best memories of your trip. A place to jot down the location, highlights, and photos or ticket stubs from each location on your travels. Each journal includes a sticker pack with two sheets of stickers to help you decorate and note your entry pages.

      Not just a blank notebook, and not a workbook with restrictive, stifling questions, and fill in the blanks, this passport gives you the creative freedom to make the journal into what you want and will become a treasured piece that for years to come as you document new destinations and fill your book over time.  There is no right and wrong way to fill it out, only that you record what you want to remember.

      The water-resistant cover is designed to let you cover with destination stickers from your travels as well as be durable to last without being bulky, so you can carry this on all your future adventures. 

      Size:  A5 Notebook.  5.8 x 8.3 in
      Included: Sticker Pack with 2 pages of stickers


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Wanderlust Passport- A Travel Journal

What I great idea

I bought one for myself then bought 3 more as gifts. While we won't be able to make use of them in 2020, I can't wait for when we can use them in the future. What a great way to remember travels and have a great long term souvenir. Such a great idea and product that Angie came up with :)


I love how approachable it is. I decided to use it as a family travel journal so my 7 & 4 yo can contribute as well. We all enjoyed creating our memories on paper.


Love the Wanderlust

Togetherness post travels

Daughter and I are loving our new 'Travel Journal'. We've traveled here and there across the country and thought our traveling moments were done with the SIP (shelter-in-place). And with this journal we get to relive those memories all over again. Thank you Angie!