Wanderlust Passport- A Travel Journal

Color: Dusty Pink
Dusty Pink
Goldenrod Yellow

Chronicle your adventures in a meaningful way with the bobo design studio Wanderlust Passport.  

The first travel journal designed by an actual traveler! The Wanderlust Passport is dedicated to documenting your travels and new experiences regardless of the type of traveler you are! It's like a travel diary of all your adventures.

This journal is not just a blank notebook. It is not a “fill-in-the-blank” workbook with restrictive questions that don’t apply to the travels and adventures you are actually taking. The Wanderlust Passport is strategically structured to allow you to record your experiences while giving you the creative freedom to record your most prized memories. Trust us, this is guaranteed to become a living heirloom as you document new destinations and fill your book over time.

There is no right and wrong way to fill it out, only that you record what you want to remember. Follow #bobopassport for inspo and to see how others have filled their passports out


  • ♢ An easy reference Trip Log of where you’ve been
  • ♢ A Travel Wishlist to jot down the places you want to visit
  • ♢ Color in Map for both US domestic and international travel
  • ♢ Two sticker sheets
  • ♢ Pocket in the back cover to store ticket stubs, receipts, and loose notes.
  • ♢ Entry pages that have structure to jot down the important details of your adventures, and free space for writing, doodling, and pasting photos and keepsakes.


  1. ♢ Size:  A5 Notebook.  5.8 x 8.3 Smythe Stiched to give the perfect lay-flat surface on any page.
  2. ♢ 110GSM pages- great for markers and pens. We however, do not recommend using permanent pens (like Charpies), alcohol-based markers, or paint.
  3. ♢ Included: Sticker Pack with 2 pages of stickers in the back pocket
  4. ♢ Cover is made of a durable, water-resistant, faux sued with an elastic wrap band.
  5. ♢ A hybrid between hardback and softcover, giving you just enough flexibility to shove into your backpack, and enough rigidity to write in it no matter where you are.

     Not to be used with Permanent Pens (like sharpies) or Alcohol-based markers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Awesome Journal!

This is an awesome journal for documenting my adventures! I love the basic prompts instead of some that may not be applicable to my trip. I love that I can use it for preserving my memories of everything from a vacation, to a hike, to a special event. I also love that I can let my creativity dictate how I fill in the pages. Thank you for such an awesome tool to document all my adventures!

Best journal around!

I stopped journalling a few years back and have been looking everywhere for a new journal that would inspire me to get back to it. Finally came across the Wanderlust Passport as I'm in the process of preparing for my first international trip since pre-Covid, and I'm beyond thrilled to have discovered Angie's shop! No joke, I've placed 3 separate orders in the last 3 or so weeks. As soon as my first purchase arrived, I ordered 2 more journals, along with a ton of washi tapes! Angie's videos are also great at providing all the inspo and has made me think of more creative ways to capture my memories. Will definitely be buying more!

Susan Wilson
Working on 2 !!

So much fun reliving fun times, and using my creativity . Making a second one as a gift !

Great for The Travel Nurse!!!

Since I'm a traveling nurse, I use mine allover!!! Oregon, Olympic National Park, Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Maine, Acadia National Park and now back to Washington State!! Looking forward to Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, and Saquaro National Park! It's so much fun!!😄

Danon Hooper
Passport and essential items

Passport, pens, washi- all excellent. I am spinning wheels trying to decide if I want to use these for future trips, previous trips, or both.