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Jotter Set - 4 Pack - Talking Out of Turn

Jotter Set - 4 Pack - Talking Out of Turn

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We have Jotter Pens and we did them WRITE with super fun sayings and the perfect 4 color mixes!  The soft touch barrel surface and fine-point gel tip will make these pens your new favorite. Did we mention these pens are TIKTOK famous?! Yep, that's WRITE!

Ink color matches the color of the pen! (Exception: Metallic Pens write in black ink)


  • 4.75' x 0.25"
  • Soft touch finish
  • Ink matches pen
  • 0.5mm Fine Point Gel ink

by TOOT (talking out of turn)

Colorways & Sayings:

Yes Way Rose
  • Yes Way, Rosé
  • You Had me at Merlot
  • Just Wait a Prosecco
  • Champagne Problems

Per my last email...

  • Per my last email...
  • Just circling back...
  • To Reiterate...
  • Friendly Reminder...

Gosh Darn It

  • Gost Darn It
  • Dag Nab It
  • Shut the Front Door
  • Well Shoot Fire

Oopsie Daisy

  • Oopsie Daisy
  • Have a nice Daisy
  • You Grow Girl
  • I can buy myself Flowers

Fuck if I know

  • Fuck if I know
  • Fuck Off
  • Fuck around and find out
  • For Fucks sake
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Customer Reviews

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Sassy pens!

I love this set! The quality is excellent, and using them always makes me smile.