Southwest Sunset- Cloud Cut Gold Foil Washi Tape


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      Nothing beats a desert sunset. The rich colors of pinks and blues light up the sky and turn the landscape into a menagerie of colors anywhere from bright red, to deep indigo blue. It's an incredible sight to see.  In an effort to capture all its magic in one little strip of washi tape, I've created the Southwest Sunset washi with bits of gold foil sprinkled across the landscape.

        Each roll is 10m long and is about 1" tall with a unique die-cut cloud shape.  

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    Desert perfection!

    Beautiful quality and incredible detail. Absolutely love! One of my faves in my washi collection, for sure.

    Absolutely stunning!

    I don’t have enough words to describe the beauty of this tape! The colours, the subtle gold foil and the cloud cut together make it one of the most lovely Washi tapes I have ever seen.
    I was also sent an extra full length tape stating it’s quite costly to ship across the pond. I was stunned by this level of generosity, thank you so much Angie!