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Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set, 10 Landscape

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set, 10 Landscape

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This is the refreshed version of the Landscape Dual Brush Pen palette.  Perfect for the bobo design studio Wanderlust Passport. All the guesswork is gone when picking a set of brush pens with complimentary colors! These pens are perfect for the bobo Passport. They won't bleed through the pages, are water soluble, and are of the highest quality. The gold standard for any lettering artist.

Set of 9 colors with colorless blender pen. Flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker. Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes; fine tip gives consistent lines. Dual Brush Pens are ideal for artists and crafters. The water-based ink is blendable and the resilient nylon brush retains it's point stroke after stroke. Colors include: 131 Lemon Lime, 126 Light Olive, 192 Asparagus, 379 Jade Green, 603 Periwinkle, 476 Cyan, 526 True Blue, 969 Chocolate, N49 Warm Gray 8, N25 Lamp Black

  • Ideal for coloring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling, hand lettering and more
  • Water-based
  • Blendable
  • Acid-free, odorless
  • Tips self-clean after blending
  • For best results, use a smooth, non-textured paper. For more information, click here.
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Customer Reviews

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They are super smooth

Great pens!

Love the landscape color scheme, the Tombow pens are fun and beautiful.