What is Patreon, how does it work, and why is bobo design studio on there?

What is Patreon, how does it work, and why is bobo design studio on there?

What is Patreon, how does it work, and why is bobo design studio on there?

What is Patreon and why is bobo design studio there?
Hi friends! If you are following me on Instagram, or get my bobo posse newsletter (if you aren't on there, why not?! Sign up here) you probably know that I'm on Patreon now. For those who are unfamiliar with Patreon, I'll dig a bit more into that. It might seem like just "another thing to sign up for." My "why" is very much sparked by everything going on in the world right now. Hopefully, you'll be excited to join me with the other 70 people who have hopped on in the last three weeks since I launched!

My Why

Ever since March, the world seems to be spiraling in a bad way. The global pandemic, continued police brutality, daily protests, more pandemic, political tensions, more police brutality…. Somehow, every day gets worse than the day before. The feeling is heavy, and it makes things like "running an art-based/product-based business" seem selfish and unimportant right now. But feelings aside, a homegirl gotta eat and pay the bills.
I found that as my audience grew on Instagram (HUZZUH! I just hit 10k followers!), my work gets shared more, which is great! But that also invites a lot of other voices into the conversation…voices that don't necessarily know me, or support my work, or even like what I have to say. I am on the receiving end of negative comments, trolls, haters, and the like. While I can certainly handle the criticism and negativity, I found that I was expelling more energy trying to manage those voices instead of focusing my energy on those who were truly around for bobo. While Instagram is great for growing a social media footprint, it becomes harder to connect with those truly here to support the work I put out. I'm not here to appeal to people who don't follow me. I'm here to create for you, my tried and true #boboposse peeps.
I was drawn to Patreon because I wanted to create a safe space where those who wish to support me can at a small dollar amount that doesn't break the bank while allowing me to shower them with new product, discounts on goods, tutorials, a podcast, behind the scenes stuff, etc. And it was great for many folks who already have a lot of my stuff, but wanted to find a way to continue to support me without having to purchase.
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The cost of creating content

You know why "influencers" are a thing? It's because it takes a lot of time and money to create cool Instagram posts and content. So influencers work with brands that pay them. They get paid to create a photo set, shoot it, get the props, take the time to create the caption…all so you can learn about the latest teeth whitening light doohickey. Well, the rest of us don't get that luxury. It can take hours for me to create one single graphic for Instagram. And while I'm hunched over my desk, no one is paying me to create it. 99% of the time, that piece of artwork doesn't become a product for anyone to buy. It's just content, or educational material, or knowledge im sharing. And then when it comes time to post it, strangers come out of the woodwork to crap on it…so that's fun.
Having my monthly supporters on Patreon gives me the financial wiggle room to continue creating and sharing my artwork with those who are here for it.
Patreon is an investment in my bobo design studio fans

What's Patreon and how does it work?

So now you know why I'm there, but what is it exactly? What is Patreon? Patreon is a platform where artists, podcasters, musicians, and the like can post all sorts of exclusive content that sits behind a paywall. Here, I can create a community where we can engage with each other and create a ton of videos, podcasts, and free downloads… things that are hard for me to do on Instagram, and even my own website. The best part is you don't even have to BE on Patreon's pages actively, the content goes to your inbox if you wish to get notified that way! Or, if you like, there is an app that makes viewing all the content super easy.

Tier Levels:

You can pledge a monthly fee of $3, $10, or $20. These tiers give you access to different goodies. (Screenshot of Patreon pledge page).
Each level gets access to content I won't post anywhere else and free downloads. The higher-level tiers get access to a podcast (which I've always wanted to do), discounts in my store, test new products before it goes live, etc. At the $20 level, you get a bobo mystery box at the end of each month with goodies and new product. YAY! So this isn't a donation "MONEY PLEASE" kind of operation. It's a way for you to invest in me so that I may, in turn, invest in YOU.



I hope this answers some of the initial questions. I hope you come and check it out, if even for one month. You can leave at any time, and I promise I won't take it personally if you go. And keep an eye out for some of your other favorite artists and creators on this platform, and you'll soon begin to see the value in supporting the creators who make great things for the world. Come and check it out. I'll be so stoked to see you!


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Hugs and High Fives!

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