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  • New Beginnings

    If you've been following bobo design studio, I'm sure you've seen what a crazy year it has been, and there is still so much left of 2017! In the last...

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  • Chalk Lettering for Beginners Workshop is Live!

    When I had a full-time job, art was my savior. Making kept me sane. Crafting was what made the world meaningful. Even after a long ass day at work, and...

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  • Coming Up Holiday!

    (Source) Holiday is fast approaching. For some, that means pulling your Uggs out of the closet and busting out the IV to get your much-needed fix of Pumpkin Spice everything...

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  • My top 5 tips for a successful booth display
    I share my top 5 tips for creating a killer booth set up for your next craft show or indie fair.
    My top 5 tips for a successful booth display

    I just completed a whirlwind run of trade shows and craft fairs with 5 events in about 9 weeks.  I had 3 bridal fairs where I focused on showcasing my...

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