How To Start A Creative Journal In Quarantine

How To Start A Creative Journal In Quarantine

How To Start A Creative Journal In Quarantine.

How to start a creative journal in quarantine.
2021 is here and many of us were waiting so long for the day to have 2020 in our review mirrors. 2020 has been simultaneously the slowest and fastest year ever. So much has happened, and time sometimes feels/felt like it is/was at a standstill. So why document and start a creative journal to highlight how depressing a year in quarantine was? As much as it's been crappy, I always like to find the time to locate the silver linings and document these once in a lifetime experiences. Enter the Wanderlust Passport Quarantine Journal.

What is a Quarantine Journal, and why do I need one?

When I created the Wanderlust Passport travel journal, I wanted to have a place to document the most important moments in my life. Travel was one of those things that enriched my life and filled it with joy while simultaneously emptying my bank account. I was tired of spending all this money on new experiences and then forgetting the details of the trips I wanted to remember. Since creating the journal, I discovered how incredible it is to go back and look at the memories I had made.
Many of us are trying to forget 2020 because it's been nothing short of a dumpster fire of a year. But while 2020 and our nine+ months in quarantine might be something we want to forget, I think that there has been some positivity to come from this, and as a result, it is good for us to focus on the silver linings.
I want to be able to go back a year from now and see what things I overcame, remember how I was feeling today, and recall some of the crazier stories that made the headlines. I want to create a time capsule for this (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience.
Quote by Angie of bobo design studio that encourages you to journal about the moments in your life where you've overcome adversity.

Journal Ideas during quarantine

I have this thing where I buy the newspaper for really monumental events. I have the newspaper for when Obama was elected the first time. I have a newspaper from 9/11. I even have a newspaper from the day the Starr Report was released during the Clinton impeachment. These are those once in a lifetime moments that I wanted to freeze in time.
When I created the Quarantine Journal, I wanted to give people the ability to do the same, but in a more personal way. It's like a personal time capsule. Quarantine and COVID-19, while destructive to us on so many levels, it also challenged us in ways that we never imagined and forced us to overcome incredible odds in the face of unprecedented adversity. Things like losing loved ones, being separated from family, losing our jobs, or even working from home while simultaneously homeschooling kids. We fundamentally changed how we lived our daily lives. We marched in the streets during a pandemic for social justice, we endured an election year and felt the emotional burden of the never ending news cycle. Did you even remember that it was a leap year this year? Yeah, it was. That means we had one extra day of this bull shit. It was all just too much. But many of us came out the other end stronger, (albeit tired) and more appreciative of what's sacred and important in this life,
Don't just eat your feelings during quarantine, journal about the events that are happening and the feelings you experience to create the ultimate creative journal in quarantine.

Tools you need to start a creative journal

So you want to start a creative journal for quarantine but you don't know where to start? Well first thing you'll need is a notebook. If you want something a little less daunting (not a ton of pages, has some prompts to help guide you through your quarantine journal, I highly suggest the Quarantine Journal.

You'll also want:

But now it's time to focus on the good. The things we discovered about ourselves, the things we overcame, and the OMG WTF moments that seem to one-up each other every week. I'm thrilled to say that you can now create your own time capsule with the Wanderlust Passport Quarantine Journal and record these moments to look back on.
Photo of the bobo Wanderlust Passport Quarantine Journal kit with journal and Quarantine Merit Badge stickers.

Features and Benefits of the Wanderlust Passport Quarantine Journal

The best part about the Quarantine Passport is that takes a lot of hard work out for you. The creative blocks on what to write about, the fear of having to fill out some giant notebook... all of that is done for you. It also comes with a set of stickers called "Quarantine Merit Badges" that celebrate all the "big wins" of the year. All you have to do is tap into your bank of memories and think about the moments you might want to remember, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now. Imagine being able to hand down to your kids the memories that you made during this super funky time. Imagine being able to look back and see all the amazing memories you made during this once in a lifetime event. We live in a world that is always "go, go go!" and I guarantee if you take 30 min to jot down some things you are experiencing now, your feelings in the moment, you'll be so thankful you did. Future you will love you for it.


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