The Wanderlust Gift Basket: Travel Gift Ideas for the Adventurer

The Wanderlust Gift Basket: Travel Gift Ideas for the Adventurer

This post was written in partnership with Moon Travel Guides.

The Wanderlust Gift Basket: Travel Gift Ideas for the Adventurer

Have you struggled to find travel gift ideas for that wanderlust seeker in your life? I'm here to take the guesswork out this holiday and share my favorite travel goodies to make up the ultimate wanderlust gift basket for the adventurer in your life! And guess what? If you get to bottom, you can see how you can win all these amazing goodies courtesy of bobo design studio and Moon Guides.

How I Plan my Travel.

One of the things I love most about travel is how it can be simultaneously filling for the soul, yet trigger this insatiable desire to want to see and experience more. When I started taking travel more seriously in my early thirties, I saw myself checking off my list of dream destinations. I've been fortunate enough to explore a lot of cool places near and far, and I'm finding that I want to go beyond the bucket list. I want to explore new destinations, try new foods, visit hidden gems off the beaten path, and experience life like a local. Moon Guides has been the travel companion to help me do that as of late.

Their newest book, Wanderlust: A Travelers Guide to the Globe, is about the coolest book to grace your coffee table. I'm excited to partner with Moon Guides again to celebrate the release of this travel fanatic must-have. Together, we have compiled unique travel gifts to make up the ultimate wanderlust gift basket, guaranteed to satisfy the travel lover in your life.

Wanderlust Gift Basket Planning + Documenting Must Haves

The Wanderlust Passport Travel Journal -Bobo Design Studio

I'm kicking off this gift basket with my very own Wanderlust Passport, the best companion for any adventurer who wants to chronicle all of their travels. I never leave for a trip without my #bobopassport. It is the best way to remember the most incredible experiences and moments while also still living in the moment. I will often jot down the things I've done, places I've visited, and hilarious conversations. I'll tape a few Polaroids, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia inside, and then when I'm done traveling, I put it away until I hit the road again. The best part is reliving all the moments from a previous trip, many of which I probably forgot the second I got back home.

Wanderlust: A Travelers Guide to the Globe -Moon Guides

This isn't your run-off-the-mill grandma's travel guide. This book is basically your bucket list on steroids. It has every amazing must-see, must-do, must-try experiences spanning across the entire globe. Are you a night sky chaser? Do you love visiting locations from your favorite movies? Are you a foodie looking for thrilling culinary quests? This gem is for you. A gorgeous hardbound book that will widen your eyes and deepen your thirst to see and experience the world in entirely new ways. This book just launched in October 2019 and is the perfect gift for travel lovers.


Instagram: @moonguides


Wanderlust Gift Basket Drawing Must Haves for Travel

Gone Exploring Stamp Set -Everyday Explorers Co.

Maybe you are not artistic but want your Wanderlust Passport to look cool AND capture all your memories. Look no further than Everyday Explorers Co. They make stamps and stationery to give you all the wanderlust feels without any of that "artistic ability" nonsense. My favorite pack is the Gone Exploring stamp set, which has designs that actually model stamps you'd get at customs counters from around the world! The perfect little accessory for your Wanderlust Passport.



Instagram: @everydayexlporersco

Travel Watercolor Kit -Amy Tangerine

I recently developed a new love for watercolor and found the most adorable little watercolor travel case. Amy Tangerine makes a slew of incredible stickers and stationery items, but this watercolor kit is one of my all-time favorite travel accessories. You can even use a notebook of blank postcards made of high-quality watercolor cardstock by Strathmore to make your own "Wish You Were Here" postcards.


Purchase the Watercolor Kit: Amazon (affiliate link)

Instagram: @amytangerineshop

Wanderlust Gift Basket lifestyle swag

Reusable Straws and Woven Blanket -Moohah Adventures

Talk about an inspiring indie brand! Moohah is an adventure brand made up of a father and his two young daughters. They live the #vanlife in their Sprinter Van with their dog and travel up and down the west coast. On top of having fun from sand to summit, they design and create some of the coolest van accessories perfect for the nomad who loves function without compromising style and personality. I adore their woven blankets and their metal straws. The blanket is so incredibly soft -not the rough and scratchy kind you are familiar with. And their colorful straw packs are not only great for the environment but great in your cup! Perfect for cuddling up in the back of your car, watching the sunset over the ocean with a frosty beverage in tow!



Instagram: @moohahcreatives

Wanderlust Gift Basket backpack must have

Daypack Backpack -Cotopaxi

I am a massive fan of the Cotopaxi brand. They design incredibly functional outdoor gear in silhouettes, colors, and styles that are unlike anything out there. Goodbye to giant gaping duffle bags with no storage compartments or overly bulky hiking packs that are designed solely for mountaineering. Maybe a homegirl wants to carry her laptop or iPad with her along with her granola bars? Their thoughtful design is just one of the many reasons I love this brand. They are fun, functional, and can be used on the road, in the office, and up the trails.

Instagram: @cotopaxi

Wanderlust Gift Basket Must Haves from REI

The following items can be found at REI. I love shopping from REI for outdoor goods because of their co-op business model, their dedication to environmental preservation, and the fact that they value purpose above profit. Since 2015 they have been closing their stores on Black Friday to give their employees a day off to spend with friends and family outdoors. Their stance on closing for their #OptOutside campaign is a groundbreaking statement on what is known as the busiest retail day of the year.

Hydroflask and Nuun Tablets- REI

Yes, I know I need to drink more water, but sometimes I yearn for something with a little flavor. When on the road, it's important to drink lots of water and have electrolytes to combat dehydration. Nun Tablets are a great way to add flavor and electrolytes. They also come in handy if you source water from a fountain, and the water tastes a little… un-la Croix-like. And of course, storing your water in your handy dandy Hydroflask means that you're always one arm length away from a refreshing sip.

Quick Dry Towel -REI

These tiny towels are the best on the road. They keep you clean, fold up small, and dry fast. They come with a little loop and clasp so you can clip it to a line, branch, or your car antennae -for super quick drying before using again. It's one of those items that once you use, you wonder why you never had one before.

Compression Space Bags -REI

This is my biggest packing secret and absolute must-have on any trip. If I am traveling to a fancy resort or camping in the desert, I always use these bad boys. These bags not only roll up and compress your clothes so you can have more room in your bags, but they also act as a way to keep clean clothes separate from your grimy, smelly, and wet clothes. I used them on my recent trip to Fiji, and they worked wonders in the humid climate while saving me space so I could travel with two weeks of clothes in a single carry on duffle! They don't require a vacuum and can be used dozens of times.

Enter for a Chance to Win the Wanderlust Gift Basket

If all of these items tickle your fancy and you just happen to be in need of some gifts for people who love to travel, (or you want to treat yo’ self) you are in luck! Moon Guides and I are giving away this ultimate wanderlust gift basket!

In addition to the items above, there is a pin from fellow artist and adventurer Genevieve Santos of Le Petit Elefant, two enamel badges from my pin collection, a pad of blank postcards, and a zippered travel !


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And school might be back in session, but that doesn't mean you gotta stop traveling and having new experiences. It's never too late to start documenting your adventures. Take a look at my Wanderlust Passport available online!


Hugs and High Fives!

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