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  • Holiday Shopping Event Update

    Posted on November 14 2017

    It's that time! We spend two days being thankful for friends, family, good health, an abundance of food, elastic waistbands, and Beyonce (she's a national treasure goddamnit!). That feel good...

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  • Wanderlust Series- Joshua Tree
    In this post, I talk about one of my favorite National Parks- Joshua Tree.
    Wanderlust Series- Joshua Tree

    Posted on November 11 2017

    I’m working my buns off for this Holiday season. Long days followed by longer nights. Cutting, sewing, drawing, creating. It’s equally taxing on my hands and body as it is...

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  • Boho Wedding Feature in White Magazine
    The ultimate bohemian wedding featuring a succulent garden, and my custom calligraphy touches!
    Boho Wedding Feature in White Magazine

    Posted on November 02 2017

    As an artist and a designer, inspiration and passion must be present at all times, otherwise, the authenticity of what we create diminishes. As a creative who also battles with...

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  • Manifesto
    Our manifesto isn't just our rally cry, but it's the heart, soul, and guiding compass for all that we create at bobo design studio.

    Posted on October 31 2017

      I want to take a moment to reflect on what I’ve been working on for the business. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m trying to improve...

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  • New Beginnings

    Posted on October 26 2017

    If you've been following bobo design studio, I'm sure you've seen what a crazy year it has been, and there is still so much left of 2017! In the last...

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  • Chalk Lettering for Beginners Workshop is Live!

    Posted on October 20 2017

    When I had a full-time job, art was my savior. Making kept me sane. Crafting was what made the world meaningful. Even after a long ass day at work, and...

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